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L-Sit to a Better Core

Blast your core with this L-Sit WOW by our obstacle race expert Spartan Spencer….


8 No-Cook Protein Snacks for the Dorms

By Jennifer Fisher, College kids across the country are heading back to campus this month, and that means an upswing in studying . . . and snacking! While late night pizza delivery, mindless chip…


How to Make the First and Last Miles of Your Run Count

By Marc LeBlanc, Competitive Distance Runner & NASM Fitness Professional Next time you head out for a run, think about what you do the first mile. Do you sprint out the door? Do you wish…


Sweeten Up Your Summer Dishes with This Sugar-Free Peach Sauce

By Jennifer Fisher, Many associate a slow cooker with cool-weather recipes, but I say it’s a great way to avoid heating up the kitchen in the summer!  While I’ve often made applesauce for my…


Event Recap: Miami Beach with Shaun T!

Saturday May 16th marked the second #EverydayAwesome workout event featuring Shaun T in South Florida, and with the second event came even more excitement, dedication, and attendance. Nearly 600 people joined the fairlife Family at the Bandshell in North Miami Beach for a…


Superfood Spotlight: Pineapple

Pineapple Perks Not only does pineapple taste like a tropical vacation, this nutrient-rich fruit is a perfect powerhouse for pre and post workout nutrition. One cup of fresh pineapple has only around 80 calories, no…