HIIT and Kick: 20-Minute, Full-Body Kickboxing Workout

By Jennifer Fisher, Sometimes it can be a real fight to get daily exercise accomplished. No joke. Ready to get it done and get on with the day? This 20 minute, high-intensity (HIIT-style) workout…


Can You Handle a Tabata Workout?

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Small Seeds, Big Benefits! 5 Seeds You Need to Eat

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Take On the End of Summer with This Chest & Shoulder Workout

By Katie Uhran, ACKTIVE LIFE The last days of summer are upon us, so get outside, soak up that sunshine, and move your body! I love being able to do my workouts in the backyard. You do…


Get Fired Up for Grilling Fruits & Vegetables

By Jennifer Fisher, It’s still grilling season! Steaks are great, but don’t forget about fruits and veggies. There is no excuse to be stuck inside with a plate of steamed broccoli or a boring banana…