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L-Sit to a Better Core

Blast your core with this L-Sit WOW by our obstacle race expert Spartan Spencer….


Meet the Winner: The Allison Taller Interview

Allison Taller is the winner of our Core Power #ChiMarathon 2014 photo contest (and a one year supply of Core Power high protein shakes!). She’s accomplished what very few people have accomplished: finishing a marathon. She then went on to accomplish…


Yoga For Runners Part 2

Here’s part 2 of the Yoga for Runner’s series by our fitness blogger Katie. More Yoga For Runners By Kathleen Uhran Since many runners are in the thick of marathon season, it’s very important that we…


Yoga for Runners

Yoga is good for the body and good for the soul. We asked our fitness blogger Katie about the best yoga poses for runners. Namaste Your Run By Kathleen Uhran   Running is great for…


Meet The Painted Warrior

Who Is The Painted Warrior? You may have seen him at a Spartan Race, or on social media. Half man, half art project, and 100% committed to his fitness goals. Meet Stephen Sinek, a.k.a. The…


Introducing A Hot Brazilian Sport (And It’s Not Soccer!)

Brazil is a country that is absolutely passionate about sports, producing world class athletes in a wide range of disciplines, from soccer to Formula 1. But did you know that Brazil has a homegrown sport…