Tip of the week

L-Sit to a Better Core

Blast your core with this L-Sit WOW by our obstacle race expert Spartan Spencer….


Hill Sprints WOW

Hill Sprints WOW If you’ve ever done an obstacle course race, you know that hills or stairs play a crucial role in what makes it so challenging to reach the finish line. Most of you…


Med Ball WOW #2

Med Ball WOW #2 Medicine balls are a great, inexpensive piece of equipment that can help in giving you a total body workout. Here is one way to incorporate a medicine ball into your workout…



Upside Down Yoga

Keep Your Head Down! The Benefits of Upside Down Yoga  When someone mentions their world being turned upside down, it’s normally not a good thing. However, when it comes to yoga, inverted poses such as…


Superfood Spotlight: Snap Peas

Spring is the Season for Snap Peas, So Snap To It! Another spring superfood that I look forward to eating this season is snap peas (also known as sugar snap peas). Yes, peas! I love the…


Bodyweight WOW

Spring is here and it’s getting warm outside, time for one of my favorite bodyweight workouts that targets all your muscle groups. This is a great workout to do indoors or outdoors, no equipment necessary….