Tip of the week

L-Sit to a Better Core

Blast your core with this L-Sit WOW by our obstacle race expert Spartan Spencer….


Tabata Trail Run Workout

The weather is warming up, time to take your workout routine outside. Tabata Trail WOW Running on trails is one of my favorite ways to enjoy the warm weather and spring scenery. But sometimes I’m…


Spring SuperSalad

Spring is here and with it comes lots of new seasonal produce. This apple, leek, and red cabbage salad makes a nutrient packed side dish that’s nutritious and delicious and pairs well with lean protein….


Partner WOW

Time for a Partner Workout! Grab a friend, your spouse, or a gym buddy and get ready for these partner exercises. Go for as many reps as you can, take breaks when you need, and…


Superfood Spotlight: Tomato

Working Out? Have a Tomato! Whether you say tomato or toma-toh, this juicy vegetable (technically a fruit) is a great pick for the plate of any athlete. A cup of cherry tomatoes has less than…


Hill Sprints WOW

Hill Sprints WOW If you’ve ever done an obstacle course race, you know that hills or stairs play a crucial role in what makes it so challenging to reach the finish line. Most of you…